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Wish List

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

It's that time of year again when kids, or lets face it many of us, start creating a Christmas wish list. We say, why can't we have a professional wish list? This week, the CMA president Dr. Gigi Osler tweeted the following @drgigiosler: "It is time for a single, pan-Canadian medical license to deliver better care to Canadians living in our remote, rural, northern and indigenous communities. #cdnhealth #cdnpoli"

This generated a lot of buzz in the Canadian medical community and beyond for anyone who wants to locum or practice in Canada. The conversation has continued and this 'wish' shared by many in the medical community, seems to be a topic that is actually being considered. This has been on our wish list for the future of our healthcare delivery and the contentment of physicians.

Our own Colin here @docs4docs subsequently shared a tweet-laden wish list @ColinTaylorMD: "#PhysicianBurnout - I completely support the @CMA_Docs pan-Canadian medical license initiative. If they can pull it off, I would like to add two other advocacy initiatives to their agenda: 1) paid time off for sick leave/vacation & 2) a pension plan. Difficult = yes, but doable = yes."

So, also on our wish list for colleagues and future physicians is that some systems are created to support physicians when they need time off for sickness or to support a loved one who is sick, and a group pension plan. Pie in the sky thinking? Maybe, however strides have been made on supporting maternal and parental leave for physicians since we completed medical training 20 years ago, so why not?!

Physicians are experiencing high levels of stress, dissatisfaction, burnout, and mental illness. We need to change the landscape of hopelessness to hopefulness and why not start with easing the financial burden that comes with the job by helping during both the hard times and retirement.

We all have a voice and the right to use our voice for change. Remember, “Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say.” ~ Mitch Albom 


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