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Stay In Your Own Lane

We hang out on Twitter quite a bit and recently saw a tweet by Dr. Marjorie Stiegler referring to her recent blog post: "I said 'no' to everything for a year. It wasn’t some kind of zen experiment. Here’s what I learned." Even before we read the article, we thought "hey cool", but after reading it, we realized the bigger picture as to why she said 'no' to everything and cleared her professional plate for a year. 

She then wrote a follow up blog post this week, "Save your breath about your burnout?" to address some of the questions that arose from her prior post. As well, she pointed out some of the negativity her initial tweet received as some people (we saw one in particular) indicated that her decision to say 'no' meant other physicians had to "bear the burden".

She went on to say: "I’m seeing people go to great lengths to defend themselves, perhaps in part because they fear the judgment and backlash of people who disagree or don’t understand." Now, if you work in a group of 4 physicians, yes your choices may impact the other 3. But first of all, in Marjorie's case, the underlying reason for her stepping back for the year was a serious health issue her husband faced. She had more than a valid reason even though she didn't need to explain her reasons to us. And second of all, we're pretty sure this one person in particular didn't work with her so should be completely unaffected by her decision.

Sometimes misery really does love company and the more the better. The reality is that you learn early on in medical training that even though you think you are irreplaceable, the show really does go on with or without you. 

What if instead of trying to impose our own work misery and choiceson others, we 'stayed in our own lane'. You do you and I do me. We are not clones (not yet anyway) so we need to carve out our own lives.

"If you own this story you get to write the ending.” ~ Brené Brown


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