• Sara & Colin Taylor

Reimagining Physician Teams - Part 1

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

This is a huge topic so bare with us.

Many of us either work or have worked in a physician group/department. In doing so, we know that some function fairly well, while others perpetually struggle. Some have a structured leadership hierarchy, while others are unstructured. No matter what the group/department looks like, they will all face challenges at various points in time because they are made up of human beings. Period.

We also know that physician burnout is a pressing issue facing not only the well-being of physicians but the healthcare system in general. The reality is that burnout does and will continue to impact physician groups, so in turn, physician groups have a choice - they can either perpetuate the problem or take a lead in helping deal with the problem.

As Christina Maslach, of the Maslach Burnout Inventory, is quoted as saying, “The people you work with are the people who can understand you the best and be the best source of support, but they also have the power to make your life miserable; what people refer to as a socially toxic workplace. So the quality of those social relationships and how to make them function as positively as possible is really critical in terms of making things go well or badly.”

Many physicians, depending on their specialty, have no option but to work alongside other physicians, whether it be in a hospital or private clinic setting. Either way, we think we have an metaphorical approach that could make all the difference - sports teams. Stay tuned for more on this topic next Thursday...


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