• Sara & Colin Taylor

Reflecting on 2018

We'll keep it short as this time of year can see our attention being pulled in many directions. Christmas has just passed and now the New Year is upon us. It can be a hopeful time of year where we're offered a fresh start, or it can feel more like a slap in the face realizing we didn't accomplish goals set out for the year that is closing. However, reflection is always a useful activity and usually points out that the distance from where we are, and where we want to be, isn't that great after all.

As we reflect on the past year for Physicians For Physicians, @docs4docs on Twitter, we'd be tempted to think we're way off the goals we'd planned a year ago, and well, we'd be right. Our vision, and in turn our goals, don't match up with the present day and that's okay. The thing about resolutions/goals is that if we aren't flexible with them we can end up disappointed even though it's all good. Our reflection has pointed out that we feel we have connected with many people in the medical community; we have a better understanding of the challenges faced globally especially when it comes to physician mental well-being; and we have set in motion the content we hope will resonate with our followers. 

So as we close this year, we offer you 2 things to consider in between either the chaos or quiet that surrounds you:

  1. Look ahead 3 years from now and describe your perfect, realistic day in detail. Are there any gaps from here and then, and if so, how can you start to fill in those gaps? These future changes may be starting points to work on for the coming year. 

  2. Can you pick 1 or 2 guiding words for the coming year? Ours are "intention" - if there isn't an intention behind something, we might look in a different direction; and "mindful" - it's a constant practice but worth it.  

We had mentioned we'd be looking ahead to what 2019 will look like for us this week but decided to leave that for next week. And this is with the full awareness that pivots may come and plans can change, however, we have a direction we intend to start in. We all need a starting point to fill in the gaps. 

"Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”   ~ Neil Gaiman


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