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Proverbial Paperwork & Hoops

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

You start university thinking you want to go into medicine. You quickly realize the competition you’re facing when you look around a room full of medicine hopefuls in a first year Biology class. You persevere, write the MCAT, and then sweat through medical school interviews. You may get into medicine right away or you might have to take a circuitous path. Then one day, you find yourself in medical school and think, "Wow, I made it". But actually, it’s just begun.

We know we have exams as part of the medical school curriculum, but did we really know about all of the other exams and hoops we would have to go through? "Wait, I have to apply and interview for a residency position? Say what? And I have to start hustling for this position early on in medical school when I don't truly know what some of the specialities entail?"

You get into a residency or maybe not - did you know that was a possibility?! Once you pass a multistep licensing exam to even be considered to be a practising physician, the gravity of these exams intensifies and culminates in the big one at the end of residency. You pass it, and as you walk toward the light, a 50 page licensing application jolts you back into reality. 

At this point, the paperwork keeps coming... yearly in most cases. You then come to realize that the hoops you thought had ended after getting through them for 10+ years never truly end. As a rhetorical question, do you think this is contributing to burnout? 

"To address burnout at the systems level, the American College of Physicians (ACP) promotes a 'patients before paperwork' strategy. The organization has worked towards lessening the administrative complexities in medicine, which has included efforts to reduce regulatory and insurance requirements, and eliminating other unessential tasks that detract from patient care and contribute to physician burnout." ~ Roger Collier, CMAJ 2018

We can only hope...


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