• Sara & Colin Taylor


In 2013, Sara entered the brave new world of Twitter which has become a great source of connecting, engaging, learning and sharing for her. Colin entered a few years later and then they entered again together @docs4docs. Although Twitter may seem like just one more thing to think about, the medical community continues to grow and have a strong voice on this powerful platform.

Today, Sara participated in a TweetChat hosted by @physicianswkly and moderated by @RUBraveEnough. The topic was Physician Wellness, so of course, perfect. The conversation was robust and included some leaders, organizations, and healthcare professionals (mainly physicians). You can find the chat at #PWChat.

The following are a few of the take-aways from Sara:

  • Taking breaks throughout the work day should be encouraged

  • We need to check in on one another

  • Physicians can create change in the system

  • Fear of stigma and consequences holds some physicians from reaching out for help - we need to continue to work on solutions

  • Dialogue around the reality of suicide is essential  

  • Social withdrawal may be the first sign of burnout and social connection is often what someone suffering from burnout needs

  • Social support can be an ‘n of 1’

  • Leaders need to measure physician well-being

  • Leaders need to share their own experiences with mental health

  • Writing, journaling and mindfulness meditation are beneficial to well-being

  • Setting boundaries and self-care are essential 

We hope to see you on Twitter so we can connect, converse and change the culture of medicine one tweet at a time.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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