• Sara & Colin Taylor

It's Okay To Ask For Help

You may have heard of, and even read, Gretchen Rubin's bestselling book The Happiness Project which was released in 2012. What started off as Gretchen's own search for what made her happy, and by implementing small actionable changes over the course of a year, she inspired others to consider a similar journey towards uncovering their own happiness project.

Gretchen also offers her "secrets of adulthood" which she discusses in her conversation with Oprah in the link below under social media gems. She mentions one key point - "it's okay to ask for help".

As physicians, medical training seems to promote this 'sink or swim' and 'see one do one' mentality which breeds the notion that we must figure everything out on our own. Isn't that how we learn?

The act of 'doing' can certainly solidify the process of learning, but we must always respect our limitations, which in turn, means asking for help sometimes. This has never become more accessible with online networks and advanced forms of communication that enhance our ability to connect no matter where we live or what setting we practice in. 

It may not even pertain to work per se, but rather personal concerns, relationships, and stress. No matter the situation, it truly is okay to ask for help, and if we present this as an accepted practice in medicine, it my have a positive ripple effect. Human behaviour is very contagious.


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