• Sara & Colin Taylor

A New Look

We are taking a break from our usual physician wellness related messages to share a few things about our online world. We've mentioned in the past few newsletters that we've been working on a new website and our first digital workbook, and we can now say that they are up and running!

To provide you with a bit of background, we developed our previous website over 2 years ago to offer online courses. It was a ground-up venture and offered pretty cool functionality quite honestly. We ran a couple of courses a couple of times but realized some limitations for our audience. Despite the effort and cost behind this platform, we're more than willing to go where we need to go to serve our online community.

So, given that our previous website was really only designed to offer online courses, we revamped everything to offer a more simple, stripped down website. We also tried to assimilate resources and our publications on our previous site, but moving forward, we've decided to use our weekly newsletter to feature these instead.

Our biggest task involved figuring out how to package our online course content into a more convenient usable form. After much debate and discussion, we decided that creating a downloadable option would be the way to do so. That way if people want a hard copy, they can print one off.

We're very excited about our new look website and our first digital workbook The Busy Physician's Guide to Living Your Best Life. We're also working on two other digital workbooks and future one-on-one offerings - so stay tuned.

When we started this journey, it was born out a genuine desire to advocate for and support our physician colleagues and their families. As a physician couple, we've seen enough of medicine to know that some real deficiencies exist when it comes to physician well-being.

Although our mission hasn't changed, the way we approach it has and will as long as it needs to, in an attempt to reach the people we hope to inspire and empower.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


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